Technical Info


Reference Standard (s):
Foster Rock Veneer Results:
Concrete Compressive Strength
At least 2,100 psi average, with no individual specimen testing lower than 1,800 psi
Exceeds requirement- average 3520 psi
Concrete freezethaw durability
ASTM C666*
no single specimen with mass loss > 1.5% after 50 cycles of testing, or show any fracture completely through the cross section
Exceeds requirement- our test specimens had 0% mass loss
Concrete linear drying shrinkage
ASTM C157*
0.10% maximum length change
Exceeds requirment
Unit Sheer Bond
ASTM C482* 5
50 psi minimum
Exceeds requiment with average of 72psi
Unit weight per sq. ft
15 lb/ft2 maximum
Excees requirment at 11.8 lb/ft2
Unit thickness
1/4” in. minimum (except within 1/2” in. of the unit perimeter, which is permitted to be thinner), 2-5/8” in. maximum average
Meets requirement- 1.534” in. average thickness
Unit size
no face dimension > 36” in., unit not to exceed 5 ft2
Exceeds requirement

*as modified by ASTM C1670

50 Year Limited Warranty

Assuring our products' quality

Foster Rock Veneer offers a fifty-(50) year limited guarantee on all vertically applied veneer stones, to include water table sills and trim stones. Stone veneer must be installed as per NCMA-MSV guidelines; any deviations from this detailed installation process will be null and void. Veneer stones and accessories that are deemed replaceable under our warranty will only include the veneer units, not labor, and must be inspected by a representative of FRV (Foster Rock Veneer). Any damage caused by delivery or mishandling of veneer units is not covered under our warranty. FRV must be notified by letter within 7 days of noticing any defects and FRV will respond to the letter within 30 days of receipt. FRV is committed to our customers and our goal is to rectify any issues that may be related to our manufactured stone in a timely manner.
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