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Product Spec Sheet

Need more details about Foster Rock Veneer? Click here for the full technical specifications so you can plan your project with confidence.

Easy Installation

Unlike real stone, veneer can be applied to nearly any surface that is found in and around your home or commercial structure. It goes up quickly and can be installed on wood, cement, brick, metal, and more.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

At Foster Rock Veneer, we always surpass the competition. After 20+ years of laying stone and stone veneer, we have a deep understanding of the process. From mixing the veneer to preparing the surface before application, we know exactly what needs to happen to make your installation a success — and that’s what we deliver every time.

The results are truly


Why Foster Rock Veneer?

What is manufactured stone veneer?

You’ve likely seen and admired stone veneer — even if you didn’t realize it.

The stunning entryway of the home down the street, the amazing outdoor fireplace pictured on your favorite home-design website, or the accent wall in your friend’s in-home bar — stone veneer is all around you!

Stone veneer is made from lightweight aggregates mixed with iron oxides for color, and poured into molds to create pieces that mimic the look of real stone. From there, they’re made into individual “stones” or panels.

Stone veneer is cost-effective, light, and easy to install on any surface, making it a smart solution for your home or building project.