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In 2003, Dan Sawyer started Foster Masonry, specializing in exterior hard scapes for homeowners in the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Area. During this time, he saw the need for commercial stone veneer, so he bought the molds to start manufacturing his own stone in-house.

For the next few years, creating the perfect stone veneer became Dan’s obsession — working as a weekend “scientist” to create his own stone blends through trial and error. From that research, Foster Rock Veneer was born. ghest quality rubber, designed to pull out every detail that you’d find in natural stone.

To create the most realistic, high-quality veneer on the market, we decided to create our own detailed molds from natural stone taken from fields and quarries. We use the highest quality rubber, designed to pull out every detail that you’d find in natural stone.

Why Foster Rock Veneer?

Cost Savings

It takes a lot of labor to harvest real stone. Plus, it’s heavy, making it more difficult to ship and install. Because of this, stone veneer is often a more cost-effective alternative.

Easy Installation

Unlike real stone, veneer can be applied to nearly any surface that is found in and around your home or commercial structure. It goes up quickly and can be installed on wood, cement, brick, metal, and more.

Lightweight Features

Stone veneer is considerably lighter than stone, making the installation process much easier. No special foundation or footers are required and the transportation process is far less complicated than moving real stone.

Care & Maintenance

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Assuring our products' quality

At Foster Rock Veneer, we always surpass the competition. After 20+ years of laying stone and stone veneer, we have a deep understanding of the process. From mixing the veneer to preparing the surface before application, we know exactly what needs to happen to make your installation a success — and that’s what we deliver every time.

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